Sicily Weather

Films and novels often represent Sicily as a very hot, arid land. A piece of Africa in the Mediterranean.
This image is only partly true for some areas during the summer months.
In reality things are a little more complex. Experts define our climate “Mediterranean sub tropical with partial summer aridity”.
For the profane that means Sicily boasts one of the nicest climatic conditions in Europe.
Winters are short and temperatures are relatively warm for the most part of the year. You can go to the sea from May until November.
Very often however, it happens to take a last swim of the season on December…
Should I bring an umbrella? Yes, it could come in handy for some days between November and March..
If you are looking for intense cold and snow, you will have to search hard. However, in January and February there is snow in some areas inland, on Etna and on the Nebrodi and Madonie Mountains. Here the temperatures drops below zero and in some places you can even practice winter sports such as skiing. On the rest of the island however, we can confirm that extreme cold does not exist but don’t be surprised if you encounter people on the street wearing typically alpine clothing when the temperature is around 15°! 

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