Ragusa and the Val di Noto

Amongst the regions of Sicily, the province of Ragusa is one that has managed to keep and develop its environmental and cultural heritage.
It is also interesting from an anthropological and historical point of view.

Even if for the greater part it has been thousands of years of foreign conquerors and civilizations that have shaped what we see, like the rest of Sicily, the identity of Ibla has been marked by the catastrophic earthquake of 1693, which affected all of eastern Sicily with the shocking and terrible destruction of land and even entire cities: Catania, Lentini, Noto, Scicli, Ragusa, Chiaramonte and many others were completely destroyed.
In the area known as Val di Noto, other settlements such as Modica, Spaccaforno, Niscemi, Vittoria etc. also suffered enormous damage.

In the end 60.000 people were killed and countless monuments, works of art and important historical and archeological relics were destroyed.

The consequent reconstruction over the following decades was done in the name of splendour and flamboyance; there was the need to celebrate both the rebirth of the province and at the same time the power of the ruling family, the local nobility and the church. The baroque style characteristic of that time responded perfectly to these needs.

The particular baroque identity of this entire area is the result of a huge reconstruction of both material and symbolic significance, that contributed the very shape and identity of this province whilst keeping other historical and cultural influences in the background and in the collective imagination.

The province of Ragusa offers visitors a cultural experience which is intense and stimulating, thanks to the layered remains of the conquerors and civilizations that have helped design its landscape; its lush agriculture and farms; the explosion of its luxurious heritage of artworks and historical monuments: the archaic knowledge of artisanal craftsmanship; and almost above all, its rich culture of wine and food.



The ancient capital City of Modica County is a jewel of the late-baroque architecture...


Pozzallo is the only town of the province of Ragusa which is directly on the coast. Its golden beaches and clear water make it a place to return to every summer for a relaxing holiday


Ragusa has a double identity as a result of being split in two by the earthquake. On one side there is the old town of Ibla, the result of many centuries of slow and continual development; on the other, the new centre of Ragusa


Architecture and nature makes Scicli a fascinating theatre of stone. Scicli is characterized for its late baroque architecture and for the private palaces that give it an image of a neoclassic and eclectic city.