Discover what they say about Palermo...

Palermo is difficult to describe
Palermo is sensual and fascinating
Palermo is chaotic
Palermo is an Arabian city not Muslim

Palermo is a city that changes continually
Palermo has blinding light
Palermo is a bridge between east and west
Palermo is a hell of traffic and smog

Palermo is near yet exotic
Palermo is the most European of North African cities
Palermo is not clean

Palermo in summer is an experience on the edge of reality

Palermo in spring and autumn is an experience on the edge of paradise

Palermo is exuberant

Palermo is a city of contrasts

In Palermo public transport works badly
Palermo has an eclectic, multiform beauty
Palermo has marvellous gardens, although they are more than often hidden

In Palermo you can eat anything, any time, any place 
In Palermo you come across fantastic markets
In Palermo you can get around on foot
Palermo is a huge bazaar on the border of Europe

Palermo can be frightening but it is not dangerous
Holidays in Palermo are exciting
Palermo is sweet and sour, like many of its culinary dishes

In Palermo hospitality does not know the meaning of the word ‘private’
Palermo is a province with cosmopolitan scars

Palermo is by the sea, but sometimes this goes forgotten
Palermo is a word of Greek origin which means ‘all port’

Palermo is made of layers like an onion
Palermo has beautiful, dusty museums
Palermo is conflict between pleasure and boredom
Palermo is its Baroque churches and its Arabian water system

In Palermo there is the mafia, but the mafia is not like it is in the films

Palermo always seems different from what others have you told you it is like

About Palermo, in fact, there are many different versions going round.

Visit Palermo and tell us your version…

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