Gay Friendly Palermo - LGBTQ


  • Arcigay Palermo 

Gay and lesbian group

Via Benedetto d'Acquisto, 30


Facebook page: Arcigay Palermo

  • Arci ‘Nzocchè

Via Ettore Ximenes, 95

Tel: +39 338 8896677

Opening hours: Thursday - Friday - Saturday from 19:00 to 23:00


Pagina facebook: Nzocché Circolo Arci


  • Arci Articolo Tre "Salvatore Rizzuto Adelfio" Palermo 

Gay and lesbian group

Opening hours: on Tuesday from 21.00

Palermo Youth Centre - Via Giuseppe De Spuches, 20

Tel: +39 349 3756763

Facebook page: Arci ArticoloTre Salvatore RizzutoAdelfio

  • Agedo Palermo 

Group for parents of gay, lesbian and transgender people.

Opening hours: on Tuesday from 17.00 to 19.00

Via dello Spezio, 43


Tel: 091 6112505

Facebook page: Agedo Palermo



  • Le Freschette 

Vegetarian Bio-Bistrot, lgbt friendly

Opening hours: every day until 2:00

Piazzetta Monteleone, 5


Tel: 091 9820727 / 393 2430440

  • Cha

Sala da tè, wine bar, cocktails e cena, lgbt friendly

Via Velasquez, 28

Oprning hours: every day from 12:30 to 1:30

Tel: 091 580127


Pagina facebook: Cha Palermo

  • Laguna Blu - Caterina Pub

Wine bar, cocktails, lgbt friendly

Via Squarcialupo, 19



  • Exit Drinks / Shut Up

Via Rosario Gerbasi, 6 

Opening hours: every Saturday 


Tel: +39 3484005251

Fb: Exit Drinks

  • Popshock 

Via dei Candelai, 65

Opening hours: every Friday

Tel: +39 388 857 4539

Fb: Popshockparty



  • Barcarello Mare 

The group of all the young people who love to sunbath in total freedom in Barcarello!

Once arrived at the promenade of Barcarello (Sferracavallo) and looking at the right side of the beach, once crossed the boats' storage, you can enter the reserve from a gate. At the end of the alley you move on through the rocks.  

Fb: Barcarello Mare

  • Quir 

Belts, bags and more

Via Ponticello 55-57 


Tel: 091 2515038

Fb: Massimo Milani

  • Stanze al Genio 

Home museum - Permanent exhibit of old tile and various regional colletions.   

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 11

Tel: + 39 340 0971561

Fb: Associazione Culturale Stanze al Genio Palermo

  • Palermo Pride

LGBT Pride


Fb: Palermo Pride

Sicilia Queer Filmfest

International Festival of LGBT cinema and new visions

Via Re Federico, 23

Tel: 338 9978524


Fb: Siciliaqueerfilmfest

The addresses and contact of these associations often change. The ones we have provided are updated on december 2017. However, you can visit the MICRO at any moment, the most up-to-date LGBTQ friendly Tourist Information Centre of Palermo. 

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