The Church of the Virgin and Martyr Saint Caterina in Piazza Bellini

Adjacent to a Dominican Monastery built in 1310, the church of Santa Caterina has two façades; the principal one faces Piazza Bellini whilst the other faces Piazza Pretoria. The church is made up of one central nave and six internal chapels (three on each side). The façades are in late renaissance style whilst the baroque interior (with rococò elements from the 18th century) is an example of post-Reformation art. The decoration of the interior is a splendid composition of mixed marbles, stuccos and frescos that melt with the structural architecture. The vault of the church features gold leaf stucco arabesques, and The Glory of Saint Caterina painted by Filippo Randazzo. The frescos of the dome such as Il Trionfo dei santi domenican (The Triumph of the Dominican Saints) and Le Allegorie dei continenti (The Allegories of The Continents) were created by Vito D’ Anna in 1751.

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