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Palermo Cathedral

 The construction of Palazzo Asmundo dates back to 1615: it is a noble Palace and a treasure trove of Sicilian baroque splendor. 

 The construction of Palazzo Asmundo dates back to 1615: it is a noble Palace and a treasure trove of Sicilian baroque splendor. This aristocratic residence is decored by the superb frescoes of Gioacchino Martorana: magnificent allegories about earthly and divine justice, celebrating the role of President of Justice of Giuseppe Asmundo Paternò. 

A unique art complex, considered one of the most eloquent example of the past aristocratic world: the various collections of Sicilian ceramics, votive tiles, porcelains from Naples and France, vases, embroidery, the vaste cartographic and numismatic collection, are the signs of the exceptional Sicilian identity, culture and tradition. 
From the living room, facing the Cathedral, you can enjoy the view of the Norman Church and the square, and feel the "Palermo Felicissima", so celebrated by the enchanted "travelers" of that time. The Norman temple with its towers, its windows, its arches is revealed in all its charm from an exceptional point of view! 
Its majesty reigns surrounded by the narrow streets and the buildings of Cassaro. This important monument shows in its layers of styles most of the history of the city. It was the Archbishop Gualtiero Offamilio, minister of Guglielmo II, to promote the construction of the Cathedral in 1184. After just one year, in 1185, the Church was consecrated and dedicated to Maria Assunta.
Price pp: 2 pax €60, 3-5 pax €40, 6-9 pax €30, 10-20 pax €20, >20 pax €15

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