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The adventure started in 2008 with an idea from Maurizio and Andrea: create a completely Sicilian tourist website but with a cosmopolitan view on our island. In 2009 Pietro joined the two and the couple became a trio.

Maurizio Giambalvo
Born and raised in Palermo, responsible for research, social innovation and business start-ups.

Among his interests are local development and cultural tourism. Passionate about technology, in his previous life he was a dj and earned a doctorate in Greek and Latin Linguistics. Once a year, he accompanies groups on responsible tourism trips in the countries of south-east Asia. He loves Sicily but gets nervous because of the way in which many Sicilians treat it ... He has an unbridled passion for foreign languages ​​…

Andrea Monica Garcia Dante
was born in Argentina where she graduated in Economics. In 2001, quite inexplicably she decided to move to Palermo to open up an entirely red pub.

In 2006, she sold the bar, which was one of the landmark night spots in Palermo and discovered a new passion, the teaching of Spanish language in schools. In love with animals (in fact, she married Maurizio and even had a daughter with him called Martina) she has two dogs but would like to adopt at least ten others.

She looks after the accounts of the group and for this reason, despite her bright and accommodating smile, she is much dreaded for her “Frau Rottenmeier attitude”, when it comes to punctuality and efficiency.

Pietro Mancuso

Born and raised in Palermo, he is an engineer by profession with a passion for videos and short films.

He lives in the Vucciria district of Palermo and loves the historical center and its strong contradictions but, when possible, he escapes from the city riding his motorcycle, searching the innermost secrets and hidden landscapes of Sicily.

Fond of long swims in the open sea and of the islands, which he knows perfectly, he married in Filicudi and on the day of his marriage, he organized a swimming competition for all the guests.


The three share a dream of becoming the reference point for Italian and foreign visitors to Palermo and Sicily.

Today, Andrea, Maurizio and Pietro are joined by a group of competent people also in love with Sicily, because they were born there or because they choose it as a place to live.


Our Team today


Permanent Staff

Francesca Pellitteri - booking services and communication manager

Born and raised in Palermo, where she graduated in Economics in July 2013. She loves animals, in fact she has adopted a dog and a cat and she dreams of a country life surrounded by animals with a small piece of land to cultivate. She loves reading, good food and trying new experiences. Still in search of her path, in 2013 she happily became part of the team of Visitpalermo and she is responsible for assisting guests, owners and providers of tourist services. Se also deals with our communication services for tourism operators

 Marta Anelli - Services and tourist information manager

Marta was born and raised in Palermo, but after graduating she has travelled a lot and even lived in Rome, Paris and Belfast. For Marta, travelling is one of the best dimensions in which to experience life and culture and it has been vitally important for her own personal story, for example, Marta met the (Irish) man of her life while flying back from Argentina and brought him back to Palermo, after another voyage they are now raising their first son! After having returned to Sicily for some years, Marta now occupies herself in all aspects of Sicilian tourism and manages the tourist services of VisitSicily. Marta loves her home-island and believes it to be the most beautiful place on earth... she explores it continually and is always amazed.

Laura Caruso

Born and raised in Palermo. She graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures, but than she did different and various works. Romantic, dreamy and driven by passion even in any career choice. For some years she lived in Latin(near Rome), of course a choice made for love reason, and there the first contact with the world of golf and for some years her job.
Two years after her Coming back in Palermo,the first contact with VisitSicily proposing services related to golf and then the discovery of another passion... Palermo and its soul !

Stage & Internship

Amber Vereerstraeten

My name is Amber. I was born and raised in Belgium, but at the age of 10 I already knew that I wanted to work in another country. I love the sun, the sea and a vibrant city life and that is why I have chosen to fulfill my work placement in Palermo. I am an expert in Tourism and Leisure Management to be and I will never stop travelling and discovering the world. Travelling is my passion as well as fashion and thanks to VisitSicily I can be myself and have a good time in Palermo.

Lucille Thobie

Born in La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée - France), this 22-year-old French girl is passionate about everything related to travel and tourism. She has a dream : to go around the world, to visit every place (no exception) of our beautiful planet and, to make beautiful encounters. Determined, motivated, smiling, friendly, a little crazy, adventurer and photographer, she loves to discover new places, to eat delicious food and, to taste good wine (Sicily is a paradise for her) ! She would also like to open a blog to share with you her fabulous adventures. She is also a great lover of nature and animals (except cockroaches...) like a real Brigitte Bardot, and especially cats. After the obtaining of her BTS Tourism in Les Sables d'Olonne in 2016, she went on to a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences option Heritage and Coastales Cultures at the Higher Institute of Tourism in Les Sables d'Olonne. During this L3, an internship had to be carried out and, VisitPalermo and Sicily opened their arms to her for her greatest happiness. Her missions within the office are numerous and varied : she deals with the translation of articles of the website in French, the writing of articles about her experiences in Sicily, updates all kinds of information (accommodations, events, etc), helps to answer requests and informs foreign tourists coming to Micro, promotes the office by visiting accommodation and restaurants ... She wants to do everything to help in the improvement and well-being of the structure.

Extended Family

Alessia Prestigiacomo

Born and raised in Palermo, she loves her homeland and her origins. She has a degree in Tourism and she takes her first steps in this field by becoming part of the VisitPalermo team, where she deals with tourist services with enthusiasm. She has always had a passion for traveling and today she is making this passion her job. She goes around Palermo on her Vespa and she loves nature, although her true love is her comfy sofa!

Daniela Riedlova

Born in the Czech Republic, Daniela has lived in Italy for more than 15 years. She decided to move to Sicily about seven years ago after a holiday to the island. She loves dogs, wine and Sicilian cuisine. She deals with the management of tourist accommodation and holiday houses. She speaks Italian, English, German and Russian. Thanks to her help, was the first website in Sicily to boast a Czech version.
 Francesca Nera Adragna 
Born in Palermo and raised in Trapani, she studied foreign literature in Florence nurturing a strong passion for the Germanic languages and the cultures of northern Europe. She is moody and outgoing and travels alone in order to better know the places and the people she visits. When at home, she leaves the doors open and prepares the table for friends, acquaintances and passers-by. She loves children (she is mother of three) most of all for their original ways of thinking and that is why she took a second degree in Education. She likes rock and mountain climbing and then to dive into the open sea. She dreams of combining all her passions with the farm she inherited from her father, where she can prepare banquets for children and tourists with the products of her land. She supports

Michael Sampson - Translations

Michael grew up in Belfast and ultimately left as a musician and pizza chef, choosing to move to Palermo for love! After attending the prestigious Italian school of culinary arts ALMA, Michael launched into his career as an Italian chef with northern roots, soon making him a well regarded talent in his new home town of Palermo and also abroad where he often works as a private chef. Michael's great passion for both the Sicilian cuisine and its raw materials means that he has now officially been adopted as a local and that he can cook and explain many traditional recipes. An afternoon going to the local market to get the shopping then heading to the kitchen to prepare and eat some local delicacies (with a nice glass of Sicilian wine) is one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences that our clients have tried!

Francesco Passantino - ICT


Researcher, Consultant and Trainer in Information Technology and Communication. He is a curious geek dealing with Media / Web / Social / Local / Mobile Marketing. In fact, he is the ICT soul of VisitingSicily!

Paolo Scarlata - Driver

Paolo is one of the best taxi drivers around. This is why VisitSicily and our guests love him!
Marco Romeo - Street food Guru
Proud of being a “Palermitan DOC”, Marco is a tourist guide in English, Arab and Spanish. He has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and a master in marketing and communication. His passions are travelling, football, surfing, music and cooking… He invented the Streat Palermo Tour, a way to share, with tourists and travellers, the daily little magic of Palermo and its street food.

Alessandra Rosciglione

 She was born and raised in Palermo and she now lives in Berlin. Ever since she was young, she’s had a passion for travel and culture. She studied Literature and specialized in Art History. She has taught at school and at university. Today, she deals with tourism and she is a great tourist guide. She speaks English and French, and is ready to show you around Sicily in any way possible, even by horse! She is the ambassador of VisitingSicily in Berlin…



Patrizia Fundrisi
Patrizia Fundrisi was born in Enna, the heart of Sicily, and her passion has led her to discover and study everything about Sicily. She has a degree in theatre, with a final dissertation on Enna's traditional singing! Her goal is to promote central inland Siicily, describing its secret hidden beauties. She writes articles on central inland Sicily for our website.

Giulia Argiroffi

She comes from Palermo, she is graduated in architecture and engineering and she lives in her city as a mum and a freelancer. She loves Sicily, its stories, its countryside, its sea, its architecture, its wine and food and nearly all Sicilians… and she feels a great sense of pride at this!


Luigi Mancuso
Born and raised in Palermo where works as cardiologist in two Hospitals. He deeply loves travelling along Sicily also in the most remote and unknown places. He collaborates with cultural Journals writing essays and brief tales. Besides, he is an expert of russian literature. His last published book is a transcription of " Uncle Vania " and of two one-act plays by Cechov, for teenagers.
Elisa Drago

She was born in Palermo and in 2004 she graduated in Literature with a dissertation in Geography, concerning the spaces of the old psychiatric hospital of Palermo, a place that she finds fascinating and thinks everybody should visit. She is crazy about planispheres, geographic maps and city plans. She is a teacher and works in different suburbs of Palermo. She loves travelling and walking, in fact she walked across the city of Berlin from one side to the other. After an eco-sustainable trip in Tanzania, she started working on community cooperation projects. She hopes to continue her travels and walks as soon as possible with the company of her two daughters, still too young for this, and with Mauro, who follows her everywhere (even to Berlin). For VisitingSicily, Elisa writes beautiful descriptions of cities, small villages and districts around Sicily.

Suzanne Turrisi

Suzanne Turrisi, born in a small Western Queensland town in Australia lives part of the year in Polizzi Generosa, Sicily and the rest of the year in Brisbane, Australia. Suzanne is a qualified teacher with a degree in cultural studies and she loves reading, art, travel, people watching, cities and solitude.
She has been roaming Sicily annually since 1996. In 2003 she and her husband bought a centuries old palazzo in the medieval Sicilian village of Polizzi Generosa where they undertook a passionate eight-year restoration project.
Suzanne is part of an Australian-Sicilian family and loves to explore Sicily to understand its layered culture and complex history. Sicily has taken a hold of her.
Suzanne is a travel blogger and the founder of The Sicilian House, a company she runs with her two daughters Samantha and Eugenie. The Sicilian House offers the independent traveller of Sicily weekly travel content on ‘the blog’, travel consultation services and a Sicilian cultural experience where they can stay at the palazzo to enjoy a unique Sicilian way of life.


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