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StrEATY Food Tour

The StrEATY Food Tour in Palermo is one of the best food tours you will ever make in your entire life. It has been designed to offer tourists the chance to live a 100% Sicilian experience and this thanks to the guidance of Marco, Naida, Francesca, Alessandra or Noemi.

Together with your guide, you will meet at the Teatro Massimo. There, your culinary journey will begin! First of all, the group will be introduced, as well as the guide and the typical aspects of Palermo and a short version of its history. The guide will give you your own Passaporto del Mangione [Foodie's Passport] as well. With every stop and every delicacy you taste, you will get a stamp. It is your job to gather as many stamps as you can!

The first stop is Capo market. Here you will get some more information about its history and link with the Arab domination. The typical Sicilian food you will get to taste here are the Cazzilli and Panelle, or as they prefer to call it, Husbands and Wives. You will also get to know the Arancina. This is probably the most famous and wanted food in Palermo, you can find it everywhere!

On your way to the next highlight of Palermo, you will be able to taste the Sfincione in Via Macqueda. It is a typical Palermitan product as well and it looks like a pizza. But it is not! Although it is very similar to a regular pizza, you must never call it that way…

In La Vucciria, the guide will buy some artisanal products, you will later consume during the Schiticchio. In this market you will as well taste the Pane ca’Meusa. This burger is made of intestines of veal and has a very particular taste. The visit at the Vucciria Market will be finished with a great wine tasting at the Taverna Azzurra. This is a very vibrant place, night and day! Will you choose for the Zibibbo, Marsala or Sangue?

Palazzo Bellini and the Quattro Canti are part of the next stop. Here, you will learn more about the history of Palermo, the architecture and the Arab-Norman links. Further, you will discover the Ballaro Market as well. This market can be seen as the biggest market in Palermo, because it has everything! It offers food and nonfood products, such as clothing, jewelry and even utensils. On special occasions, the market will be supplemented by some sort of garage sale as well.

When moving towards the cathedral, you will pass the street Via Vittorio Emanuele. This busy street can be seen as the heart of Palermo and connects La Cala, the port, with La Porta Nuova, the entrance from inland. In this street you will taste the most famous dolce in Palermo: the Cannolo. Depending on your guide and the amount of time you have left, you may also taste the Cassata; another sweet typical product of Palermo.

Once you have arrived at the cathedral, the tour ends. You will get the choice whether you want to join the visit in the cathedral or not, but the information you will receive is very interesting. It is definitely recommended to follow this visit as well, this way you will discover the secret bathroom! If the weather is good, you will get the chance to drink a coffee on a terrace with your group as well. This way, you can get to know each other better and you will never forget this unique and wonderful tour!


General information:

Price per person: €39

Duration: +- 4 hours




• Street food is strictly eaten by hands. (napkins are provided)

• Street food is cooked and served in modest places where toilets DO NOT smell of fresh roses.

• Some street food specialty contains veal entrails. This is Palermo street food culture. However, nobody forces you to eat everything provided by the tour guide.

• We do not provide personal bottle of water.

• Gluten free option is not available.

• We don’t have an automatic booking system because we prefer to get in touch with the clients and assisting them during the booking process.

• We have a 10 min waiting policy. If you miss the meeting with the guide, please be aware that we do not guarantee the chance to reach the group along the way.

• We recommend wearing comfy shoes.

• Standard tour is not accessible to wheelchair. Feel free to contact us before making a decision, we could also arrange a private tour.

• There are very few chances to sit along the way. Tour is not suitable for travelers with limited walking capacity. In this case we can also arrange a private tour.




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