Alternative Tours In Sicily

Among Pupi and puppet theatres- Tra pupi e marionette

 Know the history of the Sicilian theater in its various art forms from the Opera dei Pupi, declared Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity to the wonderful stucco decorations called "teatrini"and visit the puppet Museum

Around Museum - Landing (Ecomuseum, The "Arsenale della Marina Regia" and Acquasanta Neighborhood)

Enjoy a tour through a popular and fascinating ancient neighborhood of the coastal area of Palermo! Acquasanta (holy water) has also a lot of interesting places related to the industrial history of the city and the sea.

Catacombe di Palermo e Villagrazia di Carini: viaggio al centro della terra- Catacombs of Palermo and Villagrazia di Carini: a journey to the center of the earth

Visit to the early Christian catacombs of Porta d' Ossuna (Palermo) and Villagrazia di Carini

Mondello with Luciana Zarini

A tour exploring Mondello, the city-garden people dreamt of at the beginning of the past century. Luciana, who spent her life in Mondello and knows official and secret stories about the zone, will lead you around the villas, the streets and the secret corners of the city-garden making you discover that Mondello is not only beach and solar oil…


Montalbano sono...The inspector Montalbano tour

Traveling to the places used in Montalbano is the opportunity to discover the hidden corners of beautiful south-eastern Sicily. 

Outsider tour: the Temple of Israele the Hermit

 The temple of  Israele the hermit rises on the summit of Monte Gallo. It is a place surrounded by deep silence, caressed by the wind, secluded from noise and any trace of the (in)civility of Palermo.

Palermo artigiana: il nuovo quartiere e le antiche botteghe/Tour of Palermo's workshops and handicrafts from yesterday to today

Guided tour through the old and new generations of craftsmen of Palermo and the story of traditional crafts 

Palermo cemetery tour

It looks bizarre to walk around cemeteries looking for artistic masterpieces...

Palermo Street Art Tour

Palermo’s walls are filling up with colours! Explore them with a street art tour in Palermo

Palermo Today: an urban city tour

A four hour trip showing the recent urban development of the city: a path through the social history of Palermo and the role of Mafia in its actual urban structure


Let’s discover Sferracavallo, the Northern fishing village of Palermo, led by Salvo, whose family live and work there since a long time. Salvo will show the secret corners and tell the unknown stories of the village. 

THE STADIUM EXPERIENCE – support like a real Palermitan!

 The Stadium Experience allows tourists to watch Palermo FC matches at the local stadium Renzo Barbera. Participants will be accompained by Marco, a faithful Palermitan supporter.

Time Travel / Viaggio nel tempo

Palermo and Mondello by historic car.

Plunging into Palermo’s traffic can be an experience that we would not wish upon anyone, but there are moments when the city does quieten down, leaving the old streets to take on the magic of times gone by. 



Anti Mafia Tour

Antimafia day

An Addiopizzo activist will take you around the historical city centre of Palermo, along a route of sites that are symbolic in the fight against the Mafia and to discover how the city is now rebelling against the pizzo, the protection money the mafia demands.

Corleone soprendente- Corleone guided tour

Guided tour of Corleone, including the visit to the Antimafia Museum Laboratorio della legalità

Turismo responsabile antimafia

Responsible Tourism & Anti-mafia tour

Are you interested in routes of responsible tourism and learning about real Sicilian society? Would you like to deepen your knowledge of the mafia phenomenon and the Anti-Mafia movement? Contact us and together with you we will design a personalised itinerary in and around Palermo.


Archaeological sites in Sicily: Visits & Tours

Cava d’Ispica nord e Baravitalla

Ispica Cave combines the natural beauty of a cave typical to the Iblean mountains with archaeological remains from different periods.

Discovering Archaeology "off the beaten tracks": Himera and Solunto

 If you are really passionate about Archaeology and want to discover secret and unusual archaeological sites of Sicily, feeling the course of History inside you and  enjoying a stunning view on the landscape around you…Himera, the Greek colony and Solunto, the Punic city are your destinations!

Discovering Archaeology "off the beaten tracks": Monte Jato and Partanna

 If you are really passionate about Archaeology, and want to discover secret and unusual archaeological sites of Sicily, where the mysteries of the History meet an amazing and unspoiled landscape…The ancient site of Monte Jato is the tour for you! 

Greek Temples and Theaters: Agrigento and Eraclea Minoa

Agrigento was one of the most important and powerful Greek colonies of ancient Sicily. Eraclea Minoa  is built up of a white soft stone and offers to visitors a spectacular location overhanging the sea.

Greek Temples and Theaters: Selinunte and Segesta

Selinunte is the biggest Archaeological Park of Europe and offers to visitors the unique possibility of traveling back to the past across the Greek history of ancient Sicily.


La Necropoli di Pantalica

The necropolis of Pantalica is located in a panoramic plateau between the towns of Ferla and Sortino, overlooking the Anape river valley.

Megara Iblea

In Megara Iblea you can still wander through the streets of an ancient Greek city: no grand monuments remain but there are shops, houses and small sanctuaries.

Noto Antica

Discover ancient Noto, located on a hard to reach rocky outcrop not far from the modern city. Explore the remains of the fortifications, churches and palaces and discover ancient graffiti on the prison walls.

Sicily between Greeks and Romans: Morgantina and Piazza Armerina

 In the middle of beautiful corn fields, the ancient city of Morgantina, which received a monumental lay out during the Hellenistic and Roman times, and the famous Roman "Villa del Casale" in Piazza Armerina, where visitors can admire the magnificent and technically perfect mosaics.

The Phoenicians in Sicily: Mothya and Marsala

 Phoenician people coming from the Eastern Mediterranean sea founded three main cities in Sicily: Mothya, Panormos and Solunto. Among them, the island of Mothya definitively is the most fascinating site for its amazing location inside the natural lagoon named Stagnone. 


Boat trips in Sicily

A bordo di Maisha- On board of Maisha

One day excursions and cabin charters on board of Maisha, a wonderful Lagoon 400!

Daily Sailing Trip from Palermo harbor- Elan 450

Daily Sailing Trip from Palermo harbor


Go sailing with us! Low cost Tours around the beautiful coast of Palermo!

Every day, when the weather and the crew allow it, "Nautilus" boat sails in front of one of the most beautiful coastlines in the Mediterranean.

Pescaturismo/ Fishing Tourism

Fishing Tourism in the beautiful coast of Scopello and the Zingaro Natural Reserve

Sailing around Egadi Islands

Weekend sailing with highly skilled skipper from Trapani to discover the islands Egadi (Favigana, Levanzo and Marettimo).


Sailing around Palermo- Sundream

Palermo from the sea on board of "Sun Dream"


cooking classes in Sicily

A Casa di Accursio Cooking class

 Cooking class in the magic of the old town of Modica with the Chef Accursio Craparo

Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking class

A farm’ to table cooking school located in the heart of Sicily that celebrates the connection
between cooking and farming.

Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking class Summer Poolside

The Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking Experience is a farm’-to-table cooking school located on
Tasca d’Almerita’s 19th century wine estate in the beautiful, remote Sicilian countryside.

Cooking Class O'Scinà Restaurant Syracuse

A cooking class in the heart of Ortigia, for those who want to discover the different origins of  Sicilian cooking: the Arab, the Greek and the Spanish ones.

Maximum participants 15/16

Frutta di Martorana Workshop

Frutta di martorana is the italian / palermitan name for the traditional marzipan sweets, in the form of fruits, vegetables - and recently also small daily life obiects - from the province of Palermo, Sicily. They are also called "Pasta Reale".

La mezzaluna dolce- cooking class in the countryside

Cassatella-  The sweet crescent moon

Cooking class at an agriturismo in inner Sicily: visit the kitchen laboratory, take part in the various phases of production and tasting session.

Laboratori di Cucina Casalinga a Palermo - Traditional Sicilian Cooking Class

We cordially invite you to partake in traditional Sicilian cooking classes in Palermo. Francesco Scarpulla from the Restaurant Brunaccini, 'Le Cuoche in Dispensa', two Sicilian sister chefs, and the Sicilian- Irish chef Michael Sampson are waiting for you!


Laboratori di Cucina Siciliana a Porticello / Cooking Class in Porticello

Cooking Class: an Initiation to Sicilian Gastronomy

You will take part in an interactive cooking class in a Villa ‘Liberty’ that is located right by the sea at Porticello, about 30 km from Palermo...

Luxury Home restaurant a Palazzo Ajutamicristo

Palazzo Ajutamicristo is one of the most inspiring and magnificent examples of Palermo's aristocracy. VisitPalermo invites you to relive the glories of the ancient Sicilian nobility, through an experience of taste: a lunch of traditional recipes from the island, inside the frescoed rooms of this beautiful mansion, as guests of the noble family who own it. 

Tutti a bordo: la cucina dei marinai/ Everybody on board: the fisherman cooking

A real traditional seafood cooking class on board of a fishing boat 


Cultural guided tours

Alla scoperta della Sicilia Centrale! Discover the inner Sicily!

If you are passionate about archaeology and want to discover sites of historical importance but off the beaten paths, you must see the necropolis Realmese!

Inside Conca d’oro

 The Arab-Norman Palace of Favara, also known as Castle of Maredolce, is located south-east of Palermo just outside the city. 

Itinerari dell’arte e dell’architettura Liberty a Palermo

These five tours - based on the finding of a book about  Art and Architecture liberty in Sicily -  will guide you through the fascinating "epic" of the Palermitan Liberty.

La settimana federiciana ad Enna

 Visit Enna during the Frederick's week! It will be like going back to the medieval time, with that magic atmosphere!

Mercati storici e chiese barocche / historic food markets and baroque churches

A Cultural walk through the Markets of Palermo and their Baroque Church

 All senses out! Guided through the old quarters of Palermo, you will explore some of the city’s most somptuous churches, built in the wake of the Counter Reformation, to attract believers through emotions and theatricality. You’ll see how their exuberant decorations are also reflected in the colorful and sensual historic food markets of the Capo and Ballarò.

Palazzo Asmundo - Cathedral vis à vis

 The construction of Palazzo Asmundo dates back to 1615: it is a noble Palace and a treasure trove of Sicilian baroque splendor. 

Palermo Seen from Above

 The market of Ballarò is the heart of Albergheria district. There, you will find some hidden jewels: the monumental complex of Santa Chiara, the Tower of San Nicolò, with the most beautiful panorama of the old city from above, and the church of Carmine Maggiore, which dome is the most beautiful of Palermo, visible from every part of the ancient city. 

Palermo’s Arabo-Norman Heritage (a Passage to Sicily Tour)

Palermo’s Arabo-Norman Heritage

The Arab and the Norman periods are two significant highlights in the history of Palermo. Under Arab domination, Palermo was considered one of the most beautiful cities of the Arab world, rivaling with Bagdad...

Palermo's old town centre walking tours - Tour a piedi nel centro storico di Palermo

We like to walk in Palermo. We also like to share our experience about the best palermo walking tours. Our Palermo walking tours are 2,5 hours easy going and informative city tour to explore the main attractions of central Palermo. Traditional markets, baroque churches and squares and the magnificent Arab-Norman heritage monuments... 

Religion and Sensuality / religione e sensualità

Religion and Sensuality in the Work of Giacomo Serpotta (1656-1732)

Giacomo Serpotta was the leading Sicilian sculptor of the late Baroque art in Palermo. This incrediby talented artist contributed significantly to the development of the European artistic tradition

Visita personalizzata con minibus/bus - Tailored Day Tours with minibus/bus

 Would you like to visit Palermo or any other Sicilian Destination in one day? Try our tailored day tours with driver at your disposal for the entire day. Contact us for more information and bookings. Do not hesitate to ask for a tailored guided trip with our professional guides.

Walking tour in Enna

Enjoy a walking tour of the medieval Enna, a breeze of fresh air during the hot Sicilian summers! 


The old harbour, the Arabic neighborhood la Kalsa, Piazza Marina, the Foro Italico…..the whole town in the past was related to the sea and to the life of lots of population that lived and traded in Palermo coming from the sea. A tour through the history of the city with a visit to the Ecomuseum mare Memoria Viva that show the degradation of the coast and its slow destruction.


food experience in Sicily

Book a cook!

Private chef coming to cook for you, in your accommodation in Sicily!

Traditional street food tour

The StrEat Palermo tour is a walking tour through the main squares and street markets of the city center that allows travellers sample the best Palermitan street food. Along the walk participants enter places hung out only by real Sicilians, such as bakeries and old inns.

Visita al pastore- Visit to Ricotta cheese farm

Visit to a Ricotta cheese farm in the Madonie mountains


Italian language and culture for foreigners

Italiano per stranieri

Our classes and individual lessons are offered in cooperation with International House. There are eight Italian levels, from Real Beginners to Advanced. The courses are for students of eighteen years of age and above.


Live like a local in Sicily

In Vespa with a local / Giro in vespa a Palermo

 A wonderful tour around Palermo in Vespa with a local...

Palermo by night- drink with a local

For our friends who enjoy a drink... a pub crawl of Palermo's night spots in our company!


Palermo Orienteering Tour

Palermo Orienteering Tour is a wonderful walking tour through the streets of the old city, together with one of us, VisitPalermo staff.



Palermo shopping with a local

4 tours of Palermo's shops and boutiques for different styles


Sicilian Food tour with an expert

Food and wine: tour of Palermo's typical markets and food and wine shops


Outdoor activities in Sicily

1 day tour: Camminando alle Isole Eolie- Walks in the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands, 7 daughters of Mother Earth born one million years ago that still preserve the fire of their volcanic nature. 

Allo stato brado- Into the wild

Visit to the estate and livestock, participation in the production and tasting. 1km walk along the Salty river to its mouth on Lake Pozzillo

Discover Sicily

 Would you like to enjoy a trip by 4X4? The Madonie Park is really close to Palermo...

hiking and walking in the nature

Wonderful hiking and walking trips in Sicily with professional guides members of association AIGAE, "environmental hiking Guides". he excursions are also different depending on the prevailing character: cultural, natural mountain natural marine snow, for adults with children.




Kayak excursions in partnership with the Federal school of sea kayak (FICK) and National Training Center

L'Entroterra in parapendio!

are you looking for an alternative to the classic tour of Sicily? Why not discover central Sicily while admiring it from above? That's right, paraglide and see the beauty of our land from the skies!

Percorsi a cavallo / Horse riding / Balade à cheval /recorridos a caballo

Horse riding with experienced and competent staff, experts on the area of the Natural Reserve Valle del Sosio ( Sicani Mountains). 

Play Golf in Sicily with a local

Play golf on the best Sicilian golf courses surrounded by the scents of nature and the colors of sea. We will book for you the tee time on the golf course near your holiday destination and that will better fit with your request. A real Sicilian will play with you!

Play Golf in Sicily with a pro

Play golf on the best Sicilian golf courses surrounded by the scents of nature and the colors of sea.

We will book you the tee time on the golf course near your holiday destination and what will be better fit to your request. A Pro of the place will be ready to play with you on 9 or 18 holes (2 or 4 hours).


Ride the landscape: Enna, horses and nature

Our partners SicilyErei and their professional guides organize a unique experience: a visit to the province of Enna on horseback, an opportunity to enjoy the landscape and some rather unusual, and surprising perspectives. 

Rossomanno, il profumo della storia nel polmone verde degli Erei-a walk into the history and the nature of central Sicily.

Trekking by donkey or on foot in the Rossomanno Grottascura and Bellia natural reserve, between ancient ruins and woods hundreds of years old.

Trekking con asini al parco Minerario di Floristella e Grottacalda

Take a tour through the park, the woods, the structural remnants of the sulfur mine and the Pennisi Palace Museum

Trekking to the castle of Pietratagliata

Hiking (by foot or by donkey) to the ancient forgotten fortresses.

Walking tour - Picnic in Riserva

a walking tour in one of the most stunning natural reserves in Sicily. 


Palermo in a vintage car


Tour by bike in Sicily

bike rental in Palermo

Palermo is a perfect city to explore by bicycle.

With VisitSicily you can rent a bike to explore Palermo.


Electric bikes tour and rental

Electric bikes- rental and guided tours of Palermo

Giri di Palermo in bicicletta / Palermo by Bike Tours

Palermo by bike tour – Enjoy Palemo on two wheels!

For an unforgettable experience, and to have some fun getting to know the city, don't miss out our bicycle tour of Palermo. Exploring Palermo by bike is one of the top things t



Palermo and the Sea bike tour
Enjoy an exciting city-tour in Palermo by bike! We will lead you along the seaside-walk e tell you the story about a problematic relationship of love and hatred, respect and abuse: the relationship between Palermo (since its foundation) and the sea. 

Street Art Bike Tour in Palermo!

We invite you to discover Palermo’s street art in an alternative and different way – by experiencing it on bike!


Transfer services in Sicily

Day Trip with a driver (Agrigento, Selinunte, Erice, Syracuse etc)

A great day trip to Agrigento, Selinunte, Erice, Syracuse or other destinations in Sicily

Taxi Transfer Airport - Palermo Sicily

Book now your taxi transfer service from Palermo Airport (Falcone - Borsellino) to Palermo city. It's simple. No hidden costs. We book taxi transfer services from and to the Palermo Airport to hundreds of guests every year. 100% are happy with the service. You can decide to pay in advance when you book it or when the taxi driver drops you at your final destination.


Underground Palermo


Volcano Mount Etna tour

Etna Tour

Guided walking tour on Etna, the most famous active volcano in Europe.

An official tour guide will pick you up from Catania and take you to the volcano where you can go trekking and sample some of the local delicacies.


wine tastings in Palermo and wine tours in Sicily

Cantine Barbera: Alla scoperta del Vino- Discovering wine at Barbera Wineries

Located in the wonderful coast of Porto Palo (Menfi) where the vineyards face the sea and grow in the sand, Cantine Barbera offer you to have different experiences: wine tasting, lunch and the chance to do a short lesson in wine (three hours).

Degustazione di Marsala e visita alle cantine storiche Pellegrino- Marsala wine tasting and visit of the historic wineries Pellegrino

Cantine Pellegrino is an historic Sicilian winery founded in 1880. Today it’s the biggest sicilian family-owned winery and it is the only one on the island to produce such a wide range of products: red and white wines, passito wines and marsala wines.

Degustazioni di vino a Palermo / Wine Tasting in Palermo

Try our Wine tastings in Palermo City Centre. Discover local wines accompanied by a selection of local products in some of the best enotecas in Palermo city centre.

Excellent wine in the Aeolian Islands: Tenuta di Castellaro

Born in the uncorrupted Aeolian Islands archipelago, Tenuta di Castellaro winery is an oenological and landscaping project of excellence. 

Sommelier per un giorno/ Sommelier for a day

Wine Tasting at Picone Enoteca. For real wine lovers: VisitSicily offers a professional wine tasting, in the oldest enoteca in town: Picone Enoteca, a real institution of the city, in business for 70 years.
Picone is the biggest wine shop South of Rome with a broad and refined selection of Italian wines, also including German Riesling and Champagne, plus wines from around the world.

Visite guidate con degustazione di vino alle Cantine Di Giovanna- Visit to the winery, wine tasting and lunch at Di Giovanna wineries, Sambuca di Sicilia

Wine tasting at Di Giovanna wineries, in the beautiful countryside between Sambuca di Sicilia and Contessa Entellina

Visite guidate con degustazione di vino alle storiche Cantine Donnafugata- Visit the historic cellars with wine tastings at Donnafugata in Marsala, Contessa Entellina and Pantelleria

The famous Sicilian winery Donnafugata offers guided tours, professional wine tastings and wine in combination with Sicilian dishes in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. 

Wine experiences and Tours / Visite guidate alle aziende vinicole

Cantina Marilina is an organic wine-making company in the South East of Sicily, Noto. Founded in 2001, it is now run by the female face of the Paternó family: the two sisters Marilina and Federica, whose philosophy is based on the reinterpretation of the traditional production methods: historic vineyards, concrete tanks, wilting in the sun. 

Wine experiences and Tours / Visite guidate alle aziende vinicole

We offer a visit to beautiful countryside wineries in Ulmo Winery - Sambuca di Sicilia (AG), Dorilli Winery-Vittoria (RG), Buonivini Winery- Noto (SR), Feudo di Mezzo Winery on Mt. Etna - Castiglione di Sicilia (CT),  and it takes up to 4 hours plus the trip to and from. 

taxi transfer service in Sicily

You can book our airport transfer with us starting from 40 € for up to 4 people. Safe service and no surprises! Car with driver, airport taxi transfer, Palermo Catania Comiso Siracusa and Trapani Birgi to all destination in sicily. »

Incentives Sicily, team building and motivation trips

We organize for your company the best meetings, showcookings, incentive travel, creative travel and team building experiences in Sicily. »

Where to sleep in Sicily

We help to plan your holidays and find the best apartments for rent in Sicily. We can also help you to book the best hotels, bed & breakfast, holiday homes and self catering apartments in Sicily »

MICRO - Tourist Information Centre Palermo

A cosy and welcoming tourist information centre in the historical centre of Palermo, Via Alloro 19, near Palazzo Abatellis and Piazza Marina »